Canberra district wines are liquid geography.
Canbera District wine maker Ken Helm shows a guiest a bunch of grapes at his Murrumbateman vineyard, a key winery in the Canberra District

To understand the cool climate wines of the Canberra District, you must taste them. This is a region creating distinct Australian wines, many becoming among the top choices of connoiseurs around the world.

The district's vineyards cover a large altitudinal range averaging from 300 to 800 metres. The variation in temperature, vineyard elevations, different soil types and the skills and character of the winemaker provide varieties in styles such as Sangiovese to Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz. The ability to ripen the same fruit across the whole region provides great diversity within styles.

The Canberra District wine region is home to 140 vineyards. More than 33 wineries are all within 35 minutes’ drive of Canberra making it perfect for a weekend escape.

Winemaking started 160 years ago in the Canberra region. Today wineries are home to a large range of awards and international accolades for wine quality and winemaker's talents.

Canberra region wines have qualities derived from a unique Australian climate and environment and a range of soils from volcanic to granite across the local region.

Learn about wine directly from those who make it with passion and creativity. You can visit vineyards and cellars and most often meet the winemaker. Visit cellar doors that provide a quality interpretation with individual character. Wine with diversity in variety and style found nowhere else.

Wine that is Liquid Geography.