Pialligo Estate farmers walk through an olive grove showing the fruit ready to harvest

The Poacher's Way is an experience pioneered by a group of people from the Canberra region drawn together by their common inspiration of land and life. Immerse yourself in the lifestyle and passions of these creators by discovering exceptional artists, chefs, winemakers, galleries and rural retreats. We're all in search of some inspiration. This is where it lives.

There is much to gain from visiting these good folk and learning from members' lifestyle decisions. They changed career directions, locations and lifestyle to follow their dreams and create something for you to experience and enjoy. Their motto is to live life well.

The Poacher's Way is a platform for Canberra Region businesses to highlight some of the best the region has to offer. The Poacher's Way is an Australian Government funded initiative under the Australian Tourism Development Program.

The Poacher's Way website shares plenty of great reasons to take a short break in the Canberra region like the annual Fireside and Summerside Festivals.