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DSLR2 Twilight - Learn Travel & Night Photography with your DSLR Camera

Light determines exposure so how do we control it? Learn how to do night photography with your DSLR camera. This practical workshop focuses on three core elements to low light photography; exposure, composition and lighting.

Many of the smaller compact cameras offer a night mode capture. Anyone who is traveling and wants to capture the scene at night is encouraged to attend but some of the session will not be applicable. It is preferable that students have a hybrid PASM camera or full DSLR.

Students with a DSLR must understand aperture and shutter speed control or have completed our DSLR 1 class as it will be an extensive practical workshop. Handout notes are provided.

All students must have a camera that allows for slow exposure and are encouraged to bring their flash and tripod.

Ideal for those wanting to understand full manual exposure and light metering. We also apply white balance and slow exposure photography in a practical shoot environment as the sun sets and we move into sculpting with artificial light. If you don't have a tripod the trainer does have limited additional tripods on a share basis.



Saturday: 4.30pm - 8pm



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