Artworks from series 'Canopy' hung in the gallery

Brian Blanchflower - Canopies

Brian Blanchflower - Canopies spans thirty years of work. See works borrowed from national, state and private collections.

“The most important ‘ingredient’ in my paintings is that which is not painted: the unseen, the unknowable, the unnameable,” Brian Blanchflower explains.

Based in Western Australia since 1972, Blanchflower has produced a resonant and utterly mysterious body of paintings. How can such emotionally compelling results ensue from such consistently restricted means? Blanchflower is an exponent of what Robert Rosenblum called “the abstract sublime”. His achievement, comparable in fundamental ways to Rothko and late Monet, has no real parallel in the work of his contemporaries.

“Blanchflower’s art is not like a picture or painting, a contained or self sufficient image framed and closed off from the world,” explains Ian McLean. “Their concern is the nature of existence not painting. The greatness of Blanchflower’s work is selfevident: their sombre stature, like those giant statues of Rameses, is omnipresent.”

The exhibition is exclusive to the Drill Hall Gallery.



Wednesday to Sunday: 10am - 5pm





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