Contour 556

50 local, national and international artists present public works that respond to the layers of Canberra’s history in Contour 556. Experience this outdoor event, where artists respond through performance, walking, dance, soundscape, projection, song, poetry, textiles, wallpaper, text, light as well as ‘traditional’ sculpture, represented by works in steel, stone, glass, timber, and found materials. The artworks occupy land and water.

The project seeks to interrogate the relationships between artworks and space; between artists and the public; and the ways in which art or performance can influence how the public perceive space.

The event presents a series of ‘landscape activations’, both ephemeral, through a walk or performance, and static, through a placed object. Viewers are invited to respond with their perceptions and comments through a digital survey available through accessing QR codes around the event.
Artists and performers are responding to any and all of the human interventions to the Canberra’s landscape over the past 50,000 years, including:

• The natural qualities of the site
• The landscape qualities of the site
• Canberra’s cultural history
• Canberra’s political history
• and Canberra’s geological history.



Daily: 10am - 5pm





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