Polifemy and The Gentleman’s Agreement, photograph courtesy of Peter Hislop

Bird Music - Polifemy, The Gentleman’s Agreement and Walking the Dog

Bird Music - Polifemy, The Gentleman’s Agreement and Walking the Dog showcases compositions from the 16th to the 21st centuries inspired by birds. Australian Kookaburras and White-Throated Warblers will flock together with Europe's Nightingales and Cuckoos as the sounds of recorders, voices, brass and strings mingle and soar in the wide open spaces of the High Court of Australia’s Great Hall.

The performances feature Canberra vocal ensembles Polifemy and The Gentleman’s Agreement and recorder players Walking the Dog among others. Hear the music of composers such as Orlando Gibbons, Jacob van Eyck, Brenton Broadstock and Eric Whiteacre.

Birds are a source of wonder, with their calls and colours, their mastery of the air, the solitary wildness of some and the collective lifestyles of others. Our winged cousins have been responsible for wonderful human music over the ages using direct imitation of birdsong and other acoustic images to portray beauty, love and loss.

An aural and avian experience not to be missed!

Booking is required via the Court's website one month prior to the concert.



25 September: 1.30pm - 2.30pm




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  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Parents Room
  • Public Toilet