Canberra Recorder and Early Music Society Photograph courtesy of Peter Hislop

Canberra Recorder and Early Music Society: Recorder's Versatile Repertoire

Experience the rich and varied sound of the recorder brought to life by Canberra Recorder and Early Music Society (CREMS) within the unique acoustic environment of the High Court of Australia.

CREMS is delighted to showcase the renaissance sound in contrast to the contemporary style, the romantic repertoire for orchestra in comparison with the jazzy ensemble, and more. If you have ever considered the recorder to be limited this concert will change your mind.

The recorder is one of the very few instruments that can claim a repertoire extending from the eleventh century to the present day. Sacred and secular music, dance tunes and opera compositions, folk, jazz, contemporary and avant garde works, even romantic music written for Csakan, as well as various recorder ensemble arrangements of classical orchestra compositions form the enormous content of this instrument’s repertoire.

The Canberra Recorder & Early Music Society (CREMS) was founded in 1974 and is a friendly group of recorder players from Canberra and the surrounding region. Led by Barbara Jerjen, CREMS invites you on a journey to experience the versatility of the recorder throughout history.

Booking is required via the Court's website one month prior to the concert.



Sunday: 1.30pm




  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Parents Room
  • Public Toilet