Pogona (bearded dragon)

Sex and Dragons

Join the Griffyn Ensemble’s curiosity into life and evolution with Sex and Dragons. This multimedia journey into the sexual reproduction of bearded dragons features music, wildlife footage, and interviews, all told through music and song – think Homer’s Iliad for lizards!

Griffyn’s annual Science Week concert will explore the sex-determination of one of the world’s most popular reptiles. This collaboration with scientists from the University of Canberra delves into cutting edge research into the genomes of reptiles, how high temperatures causes sex reversal in the embryos of the bearded dragon, and the wider implications of such changes.

In true Griffyn style, the concert features a variety of musical genres combined with video footage and interviews, with works by David Lang, Philip Glass, The Kinks, David Bowie, and Australian composers Martin Wesley-Smith, Michael Sollis, and Ross Edwards. The concert also sees the return of founding Griffyn members Matthew O’Keeffe (clarinets), and Wyana O’Keeffe (percussion), for this special event. They will join Griffyn Director Michael Sollis, double bassist Holly Downes, soprano Susan Ellis, and flautist Kiri Sollis, with a host of ecologists, geneticists, and biologists!



Thursday and Friday: 7pm



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