Puppet masters at work on stage

The Great Duel Between Orlando and Rinaldo for Beautiful Angelica’s sake

“Great was the goodness of knights of old”

Paris is under siege, many paladins have left Charlemagne's court, as they are all in love with the beautiful Angelica (the daughter of the king of Cathay) and in pursuit of her. The General Captain Orlando, the bravest of them all, has deserted the Court too, so that Charlemagne has to appoint Rinaldo as the commander of the French army. However even the righteous Rinaldo finally neglects his duty, and love-smitten, burning with passion for Angelica, he goes on a quest to challenge Orlando. The two paladins fight fiercely and look certain to kill each other, but for the suprising intervention of the wizard Carlo Magno.

From the late thirteenth century to the end of the Renaissance, Carolingian narratives centred on the deeds of Charlemagne, Roland and the peers of France enjoyed immense popularity in Italy at all levels of society. Some of the greatest writers of this period were attracted to the genre and produced in it their masterpieces.

Filled with battles, escapes, fantastic animals, and puppetry involving stage techniques developed over centuries this work is performed in Italian by the Associazione Figli d’Arte Cuticchio.



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