Josh Pyke and Bob Evans

Another evening with Josh Pyke and Bob Evans

Beloved Aussie troubadours Josh Pyke and Bob Evans are embarking on a massive national co-headline tour, Another Evening with Josh Pyke and Bob Evans. The two friends have been playing music together for ten years and are thrilled to be coming to Canberra!

Having embarked on the first Evening with Josh and Bob a decade ago this year, fans can expect a finely honed performance and a varied, reminiscent repertoire of knockout songs from two of Australia’s best. Bob Evans, the moniker for renowned frontman of Jebadiah Kevin Mitchell, enthuses, “That first Evening with Josh and Bob ten years ago was a fairly rudimental affair in retrospect. We were both very much still finding our feet. Now, we have higher professional standards to which we hold ourselves and those bawdy jokes of a burgeoning bromance have developed in to, well, bawdy dad jokes. Bah, who am I kidding? We're not that different ten years on.”



Saturday: 8pm



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