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The Normal Heart

Everyman Theatre are back at the Canberra Theatre Centre with one of the 21st Century’s most important and groundbreaking plays. The Normal Heart by Larry Kramer charts the response to what was ground zero of one of last century’s most devastating epidemics.

In 1981 when the sexual revolution was over and the world was taking it’s first brave new steps into a more inclusive and progressive place – Reagan aside – the gay community was suddenly struck down with a mysterious disease that no one knew about; not the cause; not the symptoms; not a cure. Add to the fact it only seemed to be affecting gay men and you had a society more than willing to turn its back on the people they had only just begun to start accepting. So how do you get people to listen to a warning that’s not about them – or potential victims to listen to a warning that will curtail their hard-won freedom?

Powerful, funny and heartbreaking – The Normal Heart features Canberra’s strongest theatrical talent and is not to be missed.



Wednesday to Saturday: 8pm



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