Bikes in station

Spinway Canberra

Swipe your credit card, choose a bike and off you go....explore Canberra! Based on the bike share phenomenon that has revolutionised bike hire in cities around the world, these automated bike rental stations operate 24/7, every day of the year.

The bikes are super easy to ride and very comfortable, perfect for seeing the many attractions our beautiful city boasts.

Stations are close to the southern side of the lake so where you start is up to you. See the sights (forget parking), ride to dinner, sunset picnic, pre-breakfast exercise, shopping....the possibilities are endless.

Stations are located at the following establishments; The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Novotel Canberra, Little National Hotel, Brassey Hotel, Medina Serviced Apartments Kingston and at the beautiful surrounds of the Southern Cross Yacht Club.