Dr Chris Chapman, senior curator of the NPG paints his portrait of Canberra.
Visitors at the entrance to the National Portrait Gallery of Australia

What work do you have an emotional connection with?

The video portrait of actor Cate Blanchett is beautiful and moving, it offers an intimate connection to this amazing person.

Share one of Canberra’s hidden secrets.

The Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile walk along the western reach of the lake is beautiful at any time of day. Follow the bike path west from near the dog park at Yarralumla.

What’s your favourite Canberra District wine?

Reds from Eden Road - modern, lively flavour.

What surprises people most about your attraction?

Ned Kelly’s dead head!

Which famous people have visited the National Portrait Gallery?

We were Rick Rolled for real by Rick Astley, and had the pleasure of Princess Mary of Denmark’s company.