Hot air balloon rides were a common theme across @VisitCanberra’s most popular shared Instagram images in 2017. 

The most popular fan image featured by VisitCanberra in 2017 with 2,494 likes and 29 comments, was a beautiful sweeping view across the city from the popular Mount Ainslie lookout by visitor @robmulally. Featuring several of Canberra’s key attractions including the Australian War Memorial, Old Parliament House and Australian Parliament House basked in the morning light, as a hot air balloon floats by, it is now also the most popular image featured by VisitCanberra ever.

Scenic shots taken from points around the city continue to consistently receive the most likes on @VisitCanberra’s account. Telstra Tower in particular was a popular photography subject appearing in five of the top 10 images, while Lake Burley Griffin starred in four. Aerial photography of Canberra’s landscape taken from hot air balloons featured in three images.

The most commented images shared by @VisitCanberra, unique experiences and exciting news took the cake. Joga Yoga’s floating yoga sessions and Thumper & Miss Bunny’s Coffee in a Cone attracted the most comments, while VisitCanberra’s announcement about the Lonely Planet Best in Travel list proved to be popular and exciting news. Recent events including Christmas in Glebe Park and dachshund races created a buzz on the visual platform, with many users commenting with who they'd like to attend with.

@VisitCanberra’s 10 most liked Instagram posts for 2017

1. Mount Ainslie lookout by @robmulally (2,494 likes)

View from Mount Ainslie - taken by Rob Mulally


2. Autumn Telstra Tower by @dkolsky (2,231 likes)

dkolsky's Telstra Tower photo


3. Foggy Telstra Tower at dawn by @wanderlust73 (2,106 likes)

wanderlust73's Telstra Tower photo in Canberra


4. Same Sex Marriage announcement at Australian Parliament House by @barrochford (2,091 likes)

barrochford's Same Sex marriage image


5. Foggy Telstra Tower by @wanderlust73 (2,037 likes)



6. Telstra Tower birthday by @wanderlust73 (1,947 likes)



7. $5 note at Australian Parliament House by @alessandro_frosali (1,881 likes) 



8. Hot air balloon ride by @nathanxgaga (1,847 likes)



9. Canberra Balloon Spectacular by @karleenminney (1,846 likes)



10. Hot air balloon ride overlooking Telstra Tower by @dspeering (1,791 likes)



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