A Handmade piece of Canberra to call your own

A Handmade piece of Canberra to call your own

Canberra's award-winning Handmade Market is turning 10, and to celebrate, they've planned a weekend of unique designs and local produce for you to try, taste and shop.

Showcasing over 260 makers, creators, designers and producers representing fashion, jewellery, textiles, ceramics, children’s products, art, gifts and food, this market celebrate the best of Australian handmade goods.

Here are 10 items you'll want to pick up for yourself at Handmade Market on 20-21 October to remind you of your Canberra adventure.

  1. Trevor Dickinson

    Canberra's 1975 bus shelters have been celebrated the world over for their unique design. 

    Trevor Dickinson's illustrations have garnered many a fan, most recently seen on TV in the presence of Rake's protagonist, Cleaver Greene.

    Now you can start your day the right way, or be the envy of your colleagues during coffee breaks as you enjoy your cuppas with a sip from a bus shelter to call your own!

  2. Jasper + Myrtle

    Local chocolatiers Jasper + Myrtle have handcrafted a blueberry dark chocolate bar, exclusive to Handmade Markets, with bright and fruity Australian blueberries covered in rich and bitter dark chocolate, creating a healthy, fresh and tangy flavour. You'll want to stock up as they're only available at the Handmade Market!

  3. Underground Spirits

    Underground Spirits have shaken up the local gin scene, with their patented filtration method used to distill their tasty drops. Perfectly paired with a mixer of your choice, they're a great gift for the person in your life who lives, breathes and drinks Canberra (a map of the capital from above is even on the label!) 

  4. Glenn Martin Photography

    His photographs of Canberra have captivated both locals and visitors alike, with more than a few gracing the feeds of @visitcanberra followers as well!

    Snag a piece of his stunning photography for yourself.

  5. Little Noisy Miner

    This specially commissioned line drawing of Canberra’s iconic Telstra Tower is available as a hand printed A4 piece of art for a short time only - it's the piece your gallery wall has been waiting for!

  6. Missy Minzy

    Want to show your love for Canberra in a profound way? Why not bite the bullet and wear it on your skin! If the thought of getting Canberra icons inked on your skin makes you squirm, commit to a pack of Missy Minzy's temporary tattoos, featuring Parliament House, Telstra Tower, balloons and our iconic bus shelters (and much more!)

  7. Gundaroo Puzzler

    A puzzle that doubles as a sculptural art piece can be yours to own, with a stop by the Gundaroo Puzzler stand. The iconic Canberra bus stops will be right at home on your bedside table.

    (Also pictured are a vintage map reproduction from Twice Designs and a card from Little Noisy Miner)

  8. Blossom & Beau

    You'll never be lost in the 'city of roundabouts' again, thanks to Blossom & Beau's Canberra map cufflinks. Just a quick glance down to your wrists, and you'll be on your way!

    (Note: we suggest visitors verify their route when in Canberra via slightly more legible means, such as a GPS or their phone maps!)

  9. Handmade Market

    Crafted from biodegradable and toughened paper, you'll want to load up on these bags featuring their commissioned Telstra Tower drawing to get all your precious treats home!

  10. Map Journal

    Whether it be jotting down a quick shopping list, journalling in a quest for mindfulness or mapping out your next trip to the capital, you'll smile as you put pen to paper on Map Journal's products showing off Canberra from above.