Fans of Canberra have embraced the #visitcanberra hashtag on Instagram, sharing photos that provide visitors and the community with reminders of why the city featured in Lonely Planet’s top 10 places to visit in 2018. More than 80,000 images have been tagged with #visitcanberra on Instagram this year bringing the total number to more than 330,000 images

The most popular fan image featured by VisitCanberra in 2018 with 4,210 likes and more than 100 comments, was a misty morning photo taken on Kings Avenue Bridge by local Tony Croke, better known under the handle @cecil1958. With the distinguishable silhouette of the Australian-American Memorial ‘The Eagle’ situated in the background, people remarked that it captured a theme conveyed in popular movies such as Batman, Blade Runner or Lord of the Rings, with some drawing comparisons with Canberra-based political thriller Secret City. This image has held out the number one spot as VisitCanberra’s most liked image of all time since it was shared in July. 

Canberra’s reputation as a city rich in bushland experiences showed through in the most liked images for 2018, ranging from @mattclicks’ kangaroo, who was likely oblivious to the Canberra Balloon Spectacular occurring behind him, to @shawstu’s capture of a busy summer eve around Regatta Point, featuring a back flipping member of the public in the background. The vivid colours of Canberra’s autumn trees featured twice in the top 10, as photographed by @carolelvin and @glenn_photographer. The rare occurrence of a platypus swimming close to shore in Lake Burley Griffin delighted many with @liam.cbr’s video becoming VisitCanberra’s most commented Instagram of all time.

When it comes to the most commented images shared by @VisitCanberra, unique experiences and exciting news took the cake. Space Kitchen’s magical creation, the ‘Unicorn Waffle’ had many users commenting about who they would take to enjoy this treat, while a visit to the Cupping Room from the cast of Queer Eye had fingers tapping and tagging as word got around about their visit to the capital.

Art and polka dot lovers alike were excited by the new addition to the National Gallery of Australia’s permanent collection, Yayoi Kusama's infinity room 'The Spirits of the Pumpkins Descended into the Heavens' as photographers and those wanting a perfect Instagrammable moment united in the comments section to arrange times to visit. The collaboration between The Canberra Distillery and HerCanberra was among the top 10 most commented images for 2018, with many marvelling at the French Earl Grey Gin’s transformation from blue to pink when whipped up as a gin and tonic.

VisitCanberra picked up more than 10,000 new fans on Instagram, growing from about 42,000 followers to more than 52,000 followers. Visitors and locals continue to share hundreds of images a day of the nation’s capital using #visitcanberra.

VisitCanberra continues to be passionate about encouraging people to holiday in the national capital and, in turn, building a community of social media savvy advocates for the city.

@VisitCanberra’s 10 most engaging Instagram posts for 2018

1. cecil1958’s Kings Avenue Bridge

cecil1958’s Kings Avenue Bridge

2. wanderlust73’s Anzac Day at the Australian War Memorial

wanderlust73’s Anzac Day at the Australian War Memorial

3. mattclicks’ Canberra Balloon Spectacular kangaroo

mattclicks’ Canberra Balloon Spectacular kangaroo

4. fran_t’s Canberra Balloon Spectacular

fran_t’s Canberra Balloon Spectacular

5. carolelvin’s Weston Park in autumn

carolelvin’s Weston Park in autumn

6. liam.cbr’s Lake Burley Griffin platypus

liam.cbr’s Lake Burley Griffin platypus

7. nicolas.duhaut’s starry night

nicolas.duhaut’s starry night
nicolas.duhaut’s starry night

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8. shawnstu’s busy Regatta Point

shawnstu’s busy Regatta Point

9. glenn_photographer’s autumn ducks

glenn_photographer’s autumn ducks

10. glenn_photographer’s Enlighten parliamentary triangle

glenn_photographer’s Enlighten parliamentary triangle