A welcoming culture and laid-back lifestyle lured us to the Australian capital. It's a planned city, similar to Singapore, but what makes Canberra so unique that we just had to move here?

Canberra awakens with a song on her lips. Her breath is always fresh and her mood is never predicable. She is young, sophisticated, artistic and multicultural. She paints great landscapes, her nightlife is vibrant, her restaurants cook meals fit for a queen and she retires for the day in a gown of golden orange. There's never a dull moment and our weekends are always bustling with activities.

Here are five of our favourite things to see and do in the city:

Breakfast at the Capital Region Farmers Market

Home to more than a hundred local produce stalls, the farmers market is where we enjoy a Saturday breakfast. Walking past fresh flowers and bright coloured 'fresh from the field' vegetables, we savour the aroma of crisply baked bread and unfailingly purchase a bottle of cold pressed olive oil. Before long we are excitedly primed for breakfast. Just one bite into a Bratwurst sausage and a sip of Wagonga coffee and our day is off to a glorious caffeinated start.

Visiting the National Gallery of Australia

Visiting the largest art gallery in the country is a must. Losing all sense of time, we traverse the great halls of history that showcase both local and international art and architecture. Staring into a rare cloth banner from Thailand that features Buddhas of the past and future is enough to whirl our minds in wonder and mysticism. Pssst... you'll also find scrumptious high tea here.

A group of people looking at The Aboriginal Memorial gallery, consisting of natural earth pigments on wood natural earth pigments on hollow logs
The Aboriginal Memorial (1987-88) at the National Gallery of Australia consists of 200 hollow log coffins made by indigenous artists from central Arnhem Land

Shopping at the Old Bus Depot Markets

Sundays are best spent walking through an array of handcrafted wares, clothing and jewellery at the markets. With a cupcake in hand, we scan the stalls seeking something unique to add to our home décor collection. It’s also the best place to shop for gifts for someone special.

Shopping at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston
Shopping at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston

Exploring Enlighten

Seated under paper lanterns with a piping hot bowl of fragrant noodles in hand, our eyes widen as light, colour and action animate landmark buildings like scenes from fairytales. Canberra has many festivals but Enlighten is pure magic. We're enchanted by the stunning transformation of the Parliamentary Triangle.

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