Feeling a little edgy and want to check out the alternate side of Canberra? Here are six experiences that are a little different.

Game Masters

Welcome to Game Masters: The Exhibition at the National Film and Sound Archive delivering you the biggest dose of gaming nostalgia ever with fifty years of video game history and eighty of the world’s favourite games waiting for you to get your hands on the controllers. Featuring Angry Birds, SimCity, Sonic the Hedgehog, Warcraft and Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Game Masters is not short of epic titles to fuel your gaming addiction. Want exclusive late-night access to the exhibition, a bar and music in the courtyard? Yeah, you do. Experience the exhibition without a kid (below 15) as the National Film and Sound Archive run Friday Lates: Local Heroes of Gaming on 17 January and Friday Lates: Valentine's Day on 14 February.

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Reload Bar and Games

Can we say game on and bottoms up? Welcome to Reload Bar & Games – the unique venue where gaming, tech and pop culture meet to bring you the most lit pop culture nightclub ever to exist.

Step back in time and relive your childhood (the Gameboy and Sega playing parts). Start your night out by challenging your crew to some FIFA, an epic battle of Guitar Hero or a round of Cards Against Humanity before partying on into the night. Try something a more cutting edge by booking a virtual reality experience.

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Feeling ‘bould’? BlocHaus is calling and you need to answer. For a full-body workout and a fun group activity, BlocHaus gives those bold enough, a chance to show off their moves and climb over 850m2 of Blocz surface. Not a professional climber or a little unfit? All g, friend. BlocHaus has you sorted. Prepare to become addicted as their training facilities are out of the ordinary. Focused on fitness and play, with a range of classes and coaching options, BlocHaus will get you moving in the right direction.

Now that we have your attention – it’s time to fill you in on how much adrenalin pumping and rewarding fun Bouldering is. Ropes? Nah we don’t need them. The walls are shorter, and the ground is padded. Test your mental and physical strength and have a social time with a group of friends, a partner or on your own. Don’t worry it’s a sociable time, so be warned… you’re likely to leave with more friends than you came with.

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The Copper Dragon

Welcome to Canberra’s newest gaming venue, The Copper Dragon! If you’re after a delicious and fun dining experience, then you need to check out this unique space.  Cosplay, table-top gaming, live-action role-play and everything geeky in between is part of the atmosphere and fiercely encouraged.

Everything from the staff costumes to the menu is fantasy-themed – Blink Hawk Bites followed by a Viserion (Game of Thrones tag here) cocktail… anyone? How about a shot of potion to accompany your delicious Sloppy Druid burger and a Night Fury Brownie for dessert?

Tackle a tabletop game with your friends while you eat, A One-Shot of Dungeons and Dragons RPG (Role Play Game) or challenge your fantastical knowledge bank to a round of Tavern Trivia… who doesn’t enjoy a healthy dose of the fantastical with a side of Dwarven Potato Chunks?

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Welcome to the best friend you never knew Canberra had, you know, the best friend that fixes (breaks) everything? Yeah, that’s Breakr. No matter the day, Breakr is there for you – to celebrate the ‘you got the promotion, parents-in-law cancelled their visit coz they won a holiday’ kind of day or to cure a ‘dropped your Vegemite toast face down on your white shirt and stood in a brown marshmallow left by your neighbour’s dog as you’re running late to that important meeting’ kind of day.

Get ready to work out your feelings in a safe environment where destruction is the cure (or celebration). Feel like smashing some plates in frustration or taking a baseball bat to a vase in victory? You (and a friend if you feel like ganging up on some innocent glassware) can blow off some steam, celebrate in style or relieve your stresses at Breakr.

Smith’s Alternative

Welcome to the ‘cherry on the cake’ of Canberra’s alternate side. Smith’s Alternative exists to celebrate local culture and bring the space for anything interesting, unusual, entertaining, humorous to be developed, present and appreciated. Pull up a lounge or ottoman and take in the eclectic entertainment served up on whichever night you deem to visit – there is something on every night… Poetry reading anyone? How about Smith’s Varietal? Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get, Smith’s guarantees it will be unexpected, anything from origami or magicians to bonsai demonstrations or burlesque. Variety is the spice of life and there is no shortness of spice at Smith’s.