A postcard to Ballina

A postcard to Ballina

Hi Ballina,

We’re so pleased that it’s never been easier to visit one another. With daily flights connecting our two regions, we look forward to getting to know one another better.


To make you feel a little more at home when you get here, we thought we’d marry up some of the experiences we each offer, so you can feel like a local straight away.

  1. Take a leisurely stroll

    Does your weekend usually consist of a walk along the Lennox Head trail, followed by coffee? You’re in luck – our version is the ‘two bridges’ walk. Enjoy the 5km looped trail across Kings Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue bridges, before heading to the nearby Kingston Foreshore for a coffee and brunch.

  2. Saddle up

    We’ve seen many-a beautiful Instagram coming out of Byron with your Zephyr Horses trotting along the sandy beaches. When you come to Canberra, enjoy a different pace of nature on horseback with Burnelee Excursions on Horseback. A Horses and Courses ride will take you on a two-hour bush experience ride throughout Picaree Hill, then onto Four Winds Vineyard for a wine tasting and wood-fired pizza for lunch, followed by Robyn Rowe chocolates for a hot chocolate and brownie dessert.

  3. Flying high

    You love flying high, whether that’s paragliding or paramotoring high above your mountains and coastline. We love the high life too – let us show our city to you from the basket of one of Balloon Aloft’s hot air balloons. Take to the skies at dawn to appreciate Canberra’s planned design from above.

  4. Try something smaller on for size

    You have the big prawn, but we prefer things on a smaller scale down here. Swap your oversized crustacean for our miniature gardens at Cockington Green. Replete with a miniature steam train ride, you’ll be able to tour iconic architecture from around the world with meticulously crafted displays.

  5. Make new friends

    While we’re swapping big for little, switch out spotting your flippery friends along the Humpback Highway for our marsupial buddies at Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary. Echidnas waddle, wildflowers bloom, and bettongs and quolls roam free.

  6. Reconnect with nature

    We’ve heard all about the ‘natural waterfall massage’ experience that Killen Falls provides. We have our own version of natural relaxation to be found at Jindii Eco Spa, nestled in the Australian National Botanic Gardens. Enjoy a luxurious spa treatment or massage with their natural botanical product, and then maximise your self care experience with a leisurely meander through the Botanic Gardens.

  7. Grab a bite to eat

    We’ll cop that you have us beat on the deep-sea fishing front, but don’t be mistaken, you can still enjoy fresh fish and chips by a body of water. Head to Snapper on the Lake at Yarralumla for a picnic by Lake Burley Griffin – we were even considerate enough to ensure seagulls are included in the experience.

We can’t wait to see you soon, and if there’s anything else we help answer for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at the Canberra and Region Visitors Centre.