Monster Kitchen & Bar welcomes Executive Chef Paul Wilson to introduce their new all-vegetarian menu for the next 365 days.

From October 2020, Monster will drive the ‘Year of the Veg’ through their new menu and Nishi Botanica garden, supplying to the kitchen and bar. On the new menu, Paul comments “Indulgent, rich, refined, isn't often associated with sustainable, conscious, even vegetarian dining! That's what we're doing at Monster. We're pushing the boundaries with vegetarian, from Hay Smoked Beetroot to Slow Roasted Carrot Terrine.”

Monster Salon in the Nishi Building Canberra
Monster Kitchen & Bar

In a month where some may be missing out on Oktoberfest celebrations, Monster’s take on the German noodle staple ‘spaetzle’ makes the humble vegetable a celebration. While we share, gratefully, Paul’s recipe below, our key serving suggestion is to enjoy in the atmosphere Monster brings by visiting for yourself.

Recipe: Handcrafted spaetzle with gruyere, spinach and 63° egg by Monster Kitchen & Bar



Serves two


Spaetzle Ingredients

4 eggs

85g milk + a splash for the soubise

240g plain flour

2 tsp salt

¼ tsp white pepper

Brown onion

Vegetable oil


Salt + pepper for seasoning


For serving

2 eggs for serving
English spinach, washed and cut up
Cooked sliced mushrooms
Grated gruyere and cheddar cheese mix
Crispy fried onions
Fresh truffle slices
Butter cubes

To make the spaetzle (German noodle)
Place the eggs and milk in the bottom a mixer, and top with the plain flour, salt and pepper.
Mix on medium speed for 15 min until the gluten has developed, check after 5 minutes if it has the right consistency, adjusting if it needs more milk or flour.
Bring a large pot of water to the boil with a gap from the top around 10cm so the dough dumpling has a chance to free fall into the boiling water.
Use a hard plastic scraper and the large perforated tray to scrap a small amount of dough through the holes and wait 15 seconds after it rises to the top and refresh in ice water.
Drain from the water and cover in oil to not let it stick together, freeze any extra mix we won’t use in the next few days.

Onion Soubise
Sweat off the sliced onions in a pot on the stove with vegetable oil (no colour).
Cover with milk and place a cartouche over the top to stop it from evaporating too much, simmer for 1 ½ hour to 2 hours until onions are very tender.
Drain off the onion and milk liquid, blend the onions with a little bit of butter and a pinch of xantana, season with salt.

63° Egg
Place eggs in a circulator at 63° for 1 hour and refresh in ice water.

To Serve
Heat pan to a high heat, add a little bit of oil and place a layer of spaetzle in the pan to just crisp up one side, when almost golden colour place the cooked mushrooms, spinach, cheese, truffle and salt and do a quick toss to incorporate all the garnish. Top with fried onions and egg.