Here are five art spaces and workshops to see First Nations art in Canberra.

National Gallery of Australia

Comprising over 7500 works, the Gallery is privileged to house the world’s largest collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. From ancient traditions to contemporary practices, each masterpiece connects audiences with the unique perspectives of First Nations artists, their experiences, cultures and deep and enduring connections to Country.

The Aboriginal Memorial (1987-88) at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
The Aboriginal Memorial (1987-88) at the National Gallery of Australia consists of 200 hollow log coffins made by indigenous artists from central Arnhem Land.

In spring, the National Gallery of Australia will welcome the National Indigenous Art Triennial (6 November 2021 – March 2022). This celebration of First Nations art will explore the theme of ceremonies. Ceremonies can be intimate rituals or mass protests; personal or collective acts of faith. Ceremonies are public and private, secular and sacred, traditional and contemporary. The exhibition and program of events will be immersive, animate, healing; revealing how ceremony is at the nexus of country, culture and community.

National Museum of Australia

The National Museum of Australia celebrates Australia’s people and culture of storytelling. Explore the shared stories and experiences of First Nations peoples in the First Australians Gallery and Talking Blak to History exhibition, before heading outside to enjoy the forecourt garden and sculptural Uluru Line. Daily talks and tours available.  

National Museum of Australia
See stories come to life in the National Museum of Australia.

Aboriginal Dreamings Gallery

Located in Gold Creek Village with a sister gallery in the city centre, there is always something new to see at this commercial gallery. Ethical practices are at the heart of the Aboriginal Dreamings Gallery which works with Indigenous artists from across Australia to protect artists’ rights and source beautiful paintings and crafts available for purchase.

A lot of colourful paintings on white walls.
Be amazed by the selection of traditional, contemporary and affordable art on display.

Burrunju Art Gallery

Every wall is filled with inspiring pieces. Specialising in boomerangs and didgeridoos as well as paintings, this art space was established to provide local Indigenous people an opportunity to realise their dream of self-determination through the creation of artworks and music. Purchase your favourite piece to support great artists local to the region and from all around Australia.

National Arboretum Canberra

Join artist Gail Neuss, from Ngarigu Country (Snowy Monaro), at the National Arboretum Canberra for an interactive workshop to explore the storytelling and symbols used in Indigenous Australian Art. Using the surrounding stunning landscape and your own story as inspiration, you will create your own artwork on canvas using charcoal, ochre and acrylics.Learn about the many uses of naturally occurring ochre, charcoal and plant dye in traditional painting, ceremony and communication, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of Australian Aboriginal culture and art.

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