Here are six historic trails, sights and exhibitions to help you learn more about Canberra's modern history.

Canberra Tracks

The capital is criss-crossed by a network of heritage trails, including eight self-drive routes that link many of Canberra’s historic sites. With informative signs along the way that tell exciting stories from a time gone by to the present day, Canberra Tracks will immerse you in the rich tapestry of the city.

Blundells Cottage

Do as the locals do and walk or cycle the classic 5-kilometre bridge-to-bridge walk around the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin. Catch your breath at Blundells Cottage and explore the 1860 heritage home built from stone taken from nearby Mount Ainslie and Black Mountain.

The rustic interior of Blundells Cottage.
See inside historic Blundells Cottage.

Calthorpes’ House

A visit to Calthorpes’ House will take you back in time to the 1920s. Original furnishings, heritage household appliances and vintage photos reflect the taste and lifestyle of a middle-class Australian home in this era.

The flowers in Calthorpe's garden.
Stroll through the gardens at Calthorpe's House.

Lanyon Homestead

Visit the restored 1850s homestead, explore the convict-era outbuildings, and wander the stunning gardens of Lanyon Homestead. Learn the fascinating stories of the families that lived and worked here. The Barracks is a great spot for a bite to eat.

Kids in the garden at Lanyon Homestead.
Take the whole family to Lanyon Homestead.

Mugga-Mugga Cottage

Built in the 1850s, this stone cottage tells the story of Canberra after federation through to the 1980s. Spot the simple cottage built for the head shepherd of Duntroon and browse the Curley family’s 19th Century household items.

National Capital Exhibition

Canberra is one of only a handful of planned cities in the world. Learn about the people, events, and history behind Canberra’s design through interactive displays, interesting models and even augmented reality.

Stop by the Canberra and Region Visitors Centre next door for friendly advice and great locally made souvenirs.

Explore more of Canberra's heritage sights and plan your historic weekend away.