Canberra Business Events Delegate Boosting Kit

Canberra Business Events Delegate Boosting Kit

Canberra is ready to host your next business event

Canberra is an inspirational place to host a business event. It’s a city like no other in Australia. Dig under the surface and it will surprise you. But how do you let people in on the experiences Canberra offers? What words do you use? What imagery?

If you’re planning a business event in Canberra or hosting visitors for business purposes, our Canberra Business Events Delegate Boosting Kit is designed to assist. Key to the success of your event is the ease of access to relevant destination content. Our toolkit offers concise, easy-to-read content about Canberra to share with your business contacts or conference delegates.

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Quick tips

Simple and practical ways we can help you achieve event success

  • Embed a destination video or add images to your website to give delegates a taste of what Canberra has to offer.
  • Include the fast fact information sheet in your pre-conference information pack.
  • Share the secrets of Canberra’s precincts that are within close proximity to delegate accommodation.
  • Refer to our annual events calendar and tailor a conference or business experience around them.
  • Provide a list of dining and cafe recommendations for post conference dinner and drinks.
  • Include one of our suggested itineraries or articles within your enewsletter to generate interest of what to do while in Canberra.

If you'd prefer, you can download a PDF version of the Canberra Business Events Delegate Boosting Kit.

Part 1

The Canberra experience

Situated between Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra is a young and vibrant multicultural city that reflects and tells the story of Australia. Discover a city in a park featuring a kaleidoscope of colours and experiences that unfold with four distinct seasons.

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Part 2

Precincts and itineraries

Help your clients understand Canberra’s key precincts and what they may find in each one. Perhaps their event or accommodation is located in one of these precincts. Now you can provide insightful information on the surrounding area.

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Part 3

Eating out

Canberra’s precincts offer a treasure trove of hotels, restaurants café’s and bars. Our 'eating out' section offers you diverse range of dining or cafe experiences.

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Part 4

Image and video gallery

To enhance your marketing efforts, we’ve curated an image library of copyright free, aspirational and engaging images and videos that you can use.

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Part 5

Business events experience

There are many reasons to host or attend a business event in Canberra. The case studies provide real examples of successful event outcomes achieved in Canberra. Canberra will meet the unique needs of delegates attending for different business events, whether they be corporate, the incentives market or associations.

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Part 6

Social media tools

Social media is a great way to boost your business event. You can generate awareness and increase the profile of your event to your peers and the media, create a digital community amongst conference attendees or produce newsworthy buzz around key outtakes during and post event.

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