It’s as good as Gold Creek Village

It’s as good as Gold Creek Village

A pot of gold

When it comes to one good thing after another, Gold Creek Village in Canberra’s north is a case in point. With plenty of attractions, cafes and restaurants and shopping – all within easy walking distance – you’ll find something to satisfy everyone in the family. 

All things great and small

Since opening in 1979, Cockington Green Gardens has delighted visitors with its focus on all things small – particularly its meticulously crafted miniature buildings and beautifully landscaped gardens.  

With its tiny people and equally tiny structures, the international display area perfectly complements the original English Village setting and its beautifully established gardens. Take a ride on the Miniature Steam Train, or enjoy a bite to eat in the Parsons Nose Garden Cafe.

From the very small to the very big, the National Dinosaur Museum is well worth a visit for every dino-fanatic and future archaeologist. Marvel at the robotic dinosaurs, life-like models and skeletons, and enjoy the hundreds of fossils and minerals on display. Enjoy a guided tour, or partner with the kids in the Dinosaur Hunt challenge.

A group of children play with model dinosaurs at the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra.
Roar with the dinosaurs at the National Dinosaur Museum in Gold Creek Village.

The nearby Canberra Walk in Aviary is home to almost 400 free-flying birds representing nearly 50 different species from Australia and around the world.

Get up close and personal with these friendly birds as they fly in the large leafy aviary. The kids will love the chance to feed them, and you’ll love the fantastic family photos you’re sure to capture.

If meeting 400 birds isn’t enough, at Gold Creek Village you can also meet geckos, pythons, turtles, blue tongue lizards and more at the Canberra Reptile Zoo. Come face to face with some of Australia's largest, deadliest and most colourful reptiles.

Art enthusiasts will enjoy a visit the Aarwun Gallery. With a rich and eclectic display of paintings, the gallery boasts heritage treasures from some of Australia’s leading artists such as Norman Lindsay and Pro Hart, as well as exquisite dot works from the Warlukurlungu Indigenous community. The gallery also features glassworks, ceramics and sculptures.

Shopping and sweet treats

There are lots of sweet and quirky shops to explore in Gold Creek, selling everything from old fashioned lollies and toys, to furniture and fashion.

Friends enjoy tea and desserts at Adore Tea.
The sweet treats at Adore tea in Canberra’s Gold Creek Village will be just your cup of tea!

Shop up a storm, then relax in one of the many cafes and restaurants such as Adore Tea. The premium destination in Canberra for tea lovers, Adore Tea offers more than 300 blends of quality loose leaf tea and an impressive selection of tea-ware from around the world. 

Other popular dining spots include Thumper & Miss BunnyCafe Injoy and The Green Herring Restaurant.

Another Gold Creek Village hotspot is the Lolly Shop. Destined to bring out the Willy Wonka in you, the Lolly Shop sells a sweet selection of all your childhood favourites including freckles, Dutch salted liquorice, Reece’s Pieces and the entire range of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

After your busy day exploring, why not grab a drink at the old English pub, the George Harcourt Inn? Their large covered beer garden is popular all year round and the open fireplace is a fantastic spot to cosy up with a beverage in hand. 

At Gold Creek Village and Canberra, you never know what unexpected delights are waiting around the corner. Discover more of our terrific attractions and get set for the perfect getaway.