Playful Endeavour

Playful Endeavour

The City Renewal Authority has partnered with Green Hat Workshop to create a loose-parts play space in Glebe Park, encouraging creative play for all ages and abilities.

Children are encouraged to let their imagination run free, using found and made materials to become whatever they want them to be.

Playful Endeavour in Glebe Park has a wide range of materials to spark the imagination such as hoops, poles, pipes, crates, ropes and tyres.

In addition, there is also a big pile of dirt for children to experiment with, to build whatever their heart desires from sculptures and toy car tracks to the ever-famous mud pie!

Loose-parts play encourages open-ended, imaginative, self-directed play within children and can help them develop interpersonal and cooperation skills.

Playful Endeavour is a free activity made possible via the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levey and will run through the school holidays from Monday 5 April – Sunday 18 April 2021 in Glebe Park, near to the Nature Play & traditional playgrounds.
  • Playful Endeavour
    Playful Endeavour



5-18 Apr 2021

Next occurrence: 16 Apr 2021


5-18 Apr 10am-4pm




Playful Endeavour

Glebe Park, Glebe Park, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia