Let’s fly, let’s fly to Canberra

Let’s fly, let’s fly to Canberra

Check in, and check out Canberra

Canberra is less than two hours flying from eastern Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, making it perfect for short breaks or a must-see destination on your Australian holiday. Daily flights are available to and from Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, with multiple flights daily to and from Sydney and Melbourne.

Flying to Canberra from within Australia


Qantas has regular flights to Canberra from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Cairns and the Sunshine Coast.

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia operates regular flights to Canberra from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

Fly Pelican 

Fly Pelican offers direct flights between Canberra, Port Macquarie and Newcastle.

Alliance Airlines

Alliance Airlines offers direct flights between Canberra and the Sunshine Coast and onwards to Cairns (with a Sunshine Coast stopover).

Link Airways

Link Airways offers multiple direct flights between Canberra and Hobart and Canberra and Newcastle.

Rex Airlines

Rex offers seven daily flights between Sydney and Canberra commencing 19 April 2021.

Flying to Canberra from overseas

International visitors now have direct access to Australia’s capital, with the international lounge in the Canberra airport providing the very best of design, furnishings and amenities for all passengers. 

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways operates a daily service from Doha to Canberra, with a short stop in Sydney in both directions.

Canberra Airport

The state-of-the-art Canberra Airport terminal is certainly the best of its kind in the region, if not the world. Not only is it functional and efficient, it’s a place of interest and calm, with world-class sculptures, landscaped gardens, stunning water features, an interactive augmented reality display and a painstakingly restored Lockheed Hudson Bomber A16-105 all adding to the award-winning experience on offer.

For more information about Canberra Airport, as well as practical details such as car hire services and the terminal layout, visit the Canberra Airport website.

Taxi services and ride sharing

Taxi services and ride sharing services such as Uber are available to and from the airport and around the city. Find out more about taxi companies and ride sharing in Canberra.  

Once you’re here you’ll need somewhere to stay. Check out the great range of accommodation options in Canberra and order your Visitor Guide so you know exactly how to fill your days.