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When you visit Canberra, prepare to experience one good thing after another. Because whether it’s world-class wining and dining, iconic national treasures or breathtaking adventures, everything you’re after is just moments away.

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Let the kids run wilder than their imagination in the one place they can do it all.
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Put routine on pause and rediscover the joy of going slow when you linger for longer in Canberra.
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The best times aren't always planned. A spontaneous Canberra trip serves up unexpected delights.
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The small city that's built for the big weekend. Take it all in and take it all on in an action packed Canberra.
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A little of what you fancy does you good. Indulge yourself in a decadent side of Canberra.


Plan one good thing after another with Canberra’s official video itinerary planner app

The sights, sounds and souvenirs in the videos above were filmed within 20 minutes of each other. Some weren’t even five minutes away. So no matter which one you watch, everything you’ll see is all neatly packed into the city that’s full of surprises – Canberra.

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