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Man and two women looking at native plant.

Richie Allan's insights into Ngunnawal cultural tours

Updated 21 May 2022

Celebrate First Nations culture.

With a rich history dating back over 20,000 years, the capital region is steeped in culture. A proud Ngunnawal and Kamilaroi custodian whose totems are a Wedged Tailed Eagle and Tree Goanna, Richie Allan shares insights from Traditional Aboriginal Owner Corporation’s cultural tours.

Man and two women walking through nature reserve

By Richie Allan

We walk with you on a Ngunnawal Journey back in time to see Mother Earth as it was before Europeans. We tell you the stories of the oldest living civilization in the world. You will dream of the journey back, you will walk in the footprints of the Ngunnawal people, you will see it from the eyes of the Ngunnawal people.

man smiling in nature reserve

Every place is a favourite place because every place has a story to tell. It is a tradition that knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. I learnt the knowledge from Aunty Violet and I am passing it down to the next knowledge holders. It is lore. It is written in the land that we abide by the lore.

Two women being cleansed during smoking ceremony.

If you belong to Canberra and Region then these stories and the land belong to you. You must learn, listen and educate yourself about the Ngunnawal people. Ngunnawal history is your history and must remain and belong to those who live, work and walk on Ngunnawal land. If you are travelling through Ngunnawal land, we invite you to learn and celebrate culture with us.

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