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Burgers, fries and drink on a table
Burgers, fries and drink on a table


Master craftsman have been perfecting their trade for years, and the chefs at Pattysmiths are no different.

Pattysmiths' Patty Smashers don’t spend their days forging precious metals, like regular blacksmiths, they spend them creating their signature blend Wagyu and Angus beef patties and sandwiching them between layers of 100 percent fresh Aussie ingredients.

And how do they achieve that signature Pattysmiths taste?

By carefully hand-pressing each handmade patty on a custom-built cast iron hot plate ensures the entire burger is cooked to perfection and served with that trademark golden crust you won't see anywhere else.

Map of the venue locationMap of the venue location
6 Cape Street, 241, Dickson, Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaGet Directions