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A person taking a picture of two kangaroos grazing.


VisitCanberra is fortunate to have a number of passionate fans and advocates who want to help us spread the word about our wonderful part of the world.

We're proud to feature the best photos and videos shared by our fans using #VisitCanberra across our website, Facebook and Instagram on an ongoing basis. 

We post images from fans and industry throughout the week, focusing on the following pillars:

  • Outdoor and adventure
  • Arts and culture
  • Food and wine
  • Family fun
  • Events
Biking at the National Arboretum Canberra

Tips and tricks

The types of images that work best on our accounts include:

  • Vibrant colours
  • Serene landscapes, sunrises/sunsets and seasonal changes (autumn leaves, cherry blossoms)
  • Native animals in their natural habitats
  • Visuals of cultural and tourism experiences
  • First person view (someone hiking, swimming, paddling etc) un-posed and in the moment

Remember, we’re all about promoting Canberra as a destination for visitors, so we’re looking to feature images that speak to the diversity of amazing things to do here.

A selection of fresh produce on sale at Cellar Door.

Things to avoid

There are also some things that we won’t post:

  • Anything that violates Instagram’s community guidelines or, you know, the law.
  • Black and white looks best on the zebras at the National Zoo & Aquarium, but not on our feed.
  • Collages – if you’ve got too many great Instagram pics to share, try sharing a post with multiple photos.
  • Watermarked images – we will always credit you in our captions, and may contact you for a non-watermarked image if we’re absolutely smitten with your photo or would like more information.
  • Anything overtly commercial, including graphics with lots of text, or brand logos.
  • Visuals that portray the disregard or mis-use of sacred Indigenous sites. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and waterways within the ACT and wish to see their sites treated with respect both to the culture and environment. All signage should be adhered to.
  • Any visuals that portray anti-environmental behaviour (littering, prohibited fires etc.) - tread lightly in our natural environments.
  • Visuals that show alcohol being consumed in national parks.
A bowl of food and a glass of wine served up at Chairman and Yip, located inside Hotel Realm in Barton.
Chairman and Yip

We love details

The more information you give us when sharing a photo or video, the more likely we are to be able to feature you. This type of information can include:

  • Specific locations when you’re shooting out in Canberra’s beautiful outdoor spaces.
  • Handles for newly-opened attractions, bars and restaurants that you want us to know about.
  • The date if something’s only in town for a short period – events, we’re looking at you!
  • If you’re a wizard with Photoshop or have done something tricky with overlays and the like – we’ll be impressed, but we’d also like to know so that we don’t stress out any budding photographers thinking that the standard’s been set too high.
  • If you’ve written a great blog on Canberra that you think we might be interested in, feel free to message us or tag our page on Facebook, or message us on Instagram.

Community Guidelines

VisitCanberra encourages intelligent conversation and welcomes questions, comments and debate on its social media platforms.

As an organisation that supports many industries, from food and wine to events and attractions, we focus on constructive contributions, and will not provide a forum for trolling, abuse or personal attacks of any kind.

We value people’s opinions but will distinguish between comments that contain constructive, relevant arguments and those that are abusive, offensive or could be construed as an attack.

We expect people making comments to consider the impact of their words and take responsibility for them. If we decide a comment is not in keeping with the spirit of this policy, we will remove it. We will also remove slanderous and defamatory comments, and those that may breach copyright.

If you see an interaction on VisitCanberra’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed that concerns you, please let us know.

This guide is not designed to stop people discussing things they’re passionate about. It is a reminder to think about how you express your views, and to be aware that some people may misunderstand you.

Thank you for respecting VisitCanberra as a conduit for passionate, considered conversation, and for respecting the views of those you engage with.

Stay in the loop

We're happy to provide advice, travel tips or answer any questions through Facebook messenger and Instagram direct messages. Over the weekend we may be slower to reply but we will definitely get back to you or feel free to ring the Canberra and Region Visitor Centre for travel advice.

From time to time we like to host Instameets and other events for you social-media-savvy folk. Make sure you’re following our Facebook and Instagram as this is where we’ll share the word. Sign up to our newsletter to find out about opportunities that are coming up that may be relevant to you!

If you’re an influencer or a blogger that is looking to come to Canberra, get in touch via our contact form.